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CNC Cutting Machine, Fiber laser Cutting Machine, Tube Laser manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber laser Cutting Machine,CNC cutter, CNC Sheet Metal Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and so on.

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  • High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
1 Piece US $1,000-100,000/ Piece
Port: Qingdao, China
Production Capacity: 50 Units/Month
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
Application: Home Appliance, Environmental Equipment, Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing, Agriculture Machinery, Textile Machinery, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Shoemaking Industry, Woodwork Industry, Advertising Industry
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Technical Class: Pulse Laser
Applicable Material: Metal
Structure Type: Desktop
Laser Classification: Solid Laser

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Basic Info

Model NO.
Laser Technology
Laser Fusion Cutting
CNC Type
High Precision
Transport Package
Steel Pallet
CE Standard
HS Code
CNC Laser Cutting Machine  MODEL:CL513AI

High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
High Precision Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CL513AI Structure
 CL513AI series CNC Laser Cutting Machine is The Eighth Generation of High Speed Gantry Laser Cutting Machine which is designed and manufactured by Jinan Foundry Metalforming Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. And it can date back to the year 1985 when the first set of CNC laser cutting machine of China was manufactured by our company and won ministry of machine building scientific and technological progress second prize.  
The machine is structured by laser main frame, FANUC C-series CO2 generator, FANUC 31i-LB high-end CNC system, optic system(Focus lens, circular polarization mirror, reflector and microscope stand), water chilling unit, automatic programming software, exhaust dust removal system and etc. According to different requirements, customer can optionally configure oilless air compressor, stabilized voltage supply, dryer and other auxiliary device.  
At the same time, the machine can configure other brand generator and CNC system.

 Outside view
1.Feature introduction
Configuration optimal, strong structure, high precision and speed.
--Machine uses fly optic path structure, when cutting, the worktable and workpiece are not move, the gantry beam moves;
--Gantry beam is aviation cast aluminum material which has better rigidity and high stability;
--2-side 2 motors to drive, high speed and dynamic property;
--There are 6 drive shafts, X,Y,Z,A,U,W, advanced technology;
U-shaft is constant optic path shaft, W-shaft is focus control shaft, X/A-shaft is gantry synchronism shaft;
--The moving device uses imported precision ball linear guide, imported precision gear and rack, and ultralow back clearance precision reduction box, low inertia, high precision and speed;
--Max.position speed is 140m/min, accelerated speed is 1g, precision is ±0.05mm,repeated positioning accuracy is 0.025mm;
--W-shaft of CNC focus control shaft is installed on Z-shaft (automatically focusing, nonautomatic adjusting height,unique technology ), achieves the machine can work on multi-type sheets automatically and without manual adjustment.

Focus lens can move against the cutting nozzle in order to choose different focus points according to different materials of workpieces; matches up to high and low pressure gas of parameterized automatic control, achieves multi-materials and multi-thicknesses automatically cutting, do not need manual intervention, and can work with the generator of fly punching and other series special processing technics and promote the flexibility of cutting;
--All over-travel and stopping devices on the machine are hydraulic buffers, which largely reduce the interferences and damages because of the vibration made by the impact to the precision optic components according to normal block stopping;
--The generator and machine are installed separately, steady optic path and easy maintenance ;
Mature whole series laser machining special functions.
-- Over-speed punching function: Unique technic, Powerful combination of many years laser process experience inheritance, auto-focusing function and leapfrog function. Carbon steel sheet's thickness is less than 10mm, punching time is 0.5sec; when the thickness is 10-20mm, punching time is 2.7sec, promote working efficiency of 500%.(Domestic Exclusive)
-- Auto-edge function: when the sheet is on the worktable, do not need people to adjust the position of sheet, the machine can automatically judge the sheet position and automatically cutting;
-- Fly cutting function: uses the FANUC highest-end 31i-LB laser special CNC system, laser and servo inner control period reduces from 8msec to only 0.125msec, more detailed control and more rapid response control, which makes the matching between laser generating and machinery moving promote highly. According to this over-speed control, it achieves scan-type fly cutting and reach to international advanced level;
FUNAC unique constant optic path system, mature technic, steady and reliable
The laser light beam's diameter will change according to the light beam's divergence and the change of optic path's length, and then effects the focus point's position and the cutting quality.In order to make sure the cutting quality, it must use necessary methods to eliminate the effect. According to the above, FANUC research and development the constant optic path system by it's superiority of product generator as well as CNC system. 
FANUC constant optic path system is using it's unique CNC system, control one independent servo shaft to recover the change of outside light path's length because of X and Y shafts's movement. All recover automatically finish in the FANUC inner system and really achieves the constant of optic path's length. This function is the standard configuration of FANUC generator. International companies who use FANUC generator and CNC system, like Japan AMADA,EN LVD, FIN-POWER and etc, all use this technic, so the function is steady and reliable.
Optic path length's constant means the constant of focus position, and then make sure that cutting speed and fracture surface quality can be consistent in all cutting area. Also it installs constant light volume, which avoid the breath effect of optic path's protective cover, largely promote the cleanness of optic cavity, prevent the water and dust of air effect the laser's mode and pollute the lens.
☆ Advanced CNC system, servo motor assures the machine to work reliably.
--CNC system is Japan FANUC highest-end 31i-LB laser special system, uses AC digital servo and motor, good dynamic performance;
--Integrated design with generator, inner fiber optic communication, fast and reliable;
--All servo motors have installed absolute encoders, after start the machine, do not need to returns to the reference point before working;
--TFT 10.4" color LCD, elegant appearance; 
--Full  function 32-bit CPU digital system, Chinese menu, friendly interface;
--Part program storage capacity is 1MB,And through the extension of the CF card to 2 g ;
--It has status display function and current position function;
--Backstage edit function, can program when working;
--Rich fault diagnosis system, it can be convenient for alarm information for troubleshooting;
--Laser power control function, the laser power can be set in the program of cutting;
--Auxiliary gas pressure control function, all kinds of plates' gas pressures can be set in the program for cutting;
--FRAME function can realize the coordinate rotation, transformation, scaling, image processing, and other operations;
--RS232 communication interface can be directly with the computer for communications, transmission part program files; you can also use the USB interface;
--The program  preprocessing, the embedded PLC ladder diagram programming;
--AC digital servo drive system, the dynamic performance is better;
--Bilateral drive motor with synchronization function, synchronization accuracy is 0.001 mm;      
☆ Efficiency and stability the laser generator
FANUC laser is one of the international mainstream laser. In 2010, authorities's survey found that: FANUC occupy 24% of the world market of laser, and machine manufacturers who using FANUC laser account for 30% of global laser cutting manufacturing enterprises, including the famous companies, like AMADA, Tanaka, KOIKE, Hibira, LVD, FIN - POWER, US Cincinnati.
--An extremely low laser gas use cost. Comparison made by the Frankfurt European laser technology research institute, FANUC laser is one of the world laser with the lowest cost. Gas mixture can be configured In domestic, convenient to buy. 10 liters/hour, gas consumption per hour of 2.5 yuan/hour;
--Laser reflection protection function. When reflection protection misuse or failure, laser can automatically detect the reflected light, when it think it is enough to damage the resonance cavity lens, automatically stop the machine's movement, stop the laser output, ensure the safety of the laser, avoid to bring losses to the user;
--Strong after-sales service system. With more than 300 people in Beijing FANUC joint venture, it has a good technical support for the numerical control system and generator. Enough spare parts and timely response quickly, to ensure that users can use;

In imported laser suppliers, FANUC is  the only company in China to establish technical support, maintenance service and spare parts warehouse, other suppliers only have sales team, after-sales service, spare parts are in need of support from abroad, high cost and response speed slow.
-- We use FANUC C series laser device, the power is optional (2kw,4kw,6kw).
-- With powerful functions. Equipped with cutting technology library, the power, speed, air pressure during cutting all can be set and you can set more than one group for different materials. Programming can be simply completed when by using E code
--The laser of FANUC is TEM01 mode, explosion frequency is adjustable from 0 to 6000Hz. Using RF discharge excitation mode, the discharge voltage is only 3000V, staff won't cause life risk when do false operation; Discharge electrodes are outside the glass tube resonator, eliminate the residual pollution on laser optical lens caused by motor loss. Maintenance -free for 4000 hours, power attenuation is less than 2 within 2 years of normal use.
--Controlled pulse and duty cycle perforating. Pulse and duty cycle can be automatically adjusted according to perforating. By W axis automatically move the focus, the focus can stay at the most powerful perforating position all the time which reduce heat affecting of perforating and improve the efficiency.
--" Photocatalyst " oil mist decomposition technology built-in resonator is an exclusive technology of FANUC, minimal oil and gas molecules carried by decomposition gas will be caught by dust collector in order to prevent the pollution in the optical lens by oil long accumulated.
 --Power saving mode is patent technology of FANUC. During running of traditional laser, the power consumption has no direct correlation with high or low power, are all close to full load power consumption. When use low power, the power saving mode can close partial discharge power supply modules. And when use high power can open these modules, integrated power saving is up to 30%.
 The auxiliary gas device, a convenient being used for cutting of stainless steel high-pressure cutting system
--Integrated pneumatic control components are all imported, advanced design. It can simultaneously access three different kinds of auxiliary gas, and the automatic conversion;
--Laser cutting machine is equipped with high-pressure cutting device, specially for cutting stainless steel, the device is composed of high voltage distribution system, piping, solenoid valve, high pressure electric proportional valve;
--Through CNC system, it can be easily converted into a high-pressure cutting mode;
--Optic system adopts closed optical path, lens positive pressure protects the air through imported filter element's precisely filtering, make sure the lens's cleanness and life.
Convenient, reliable laser cutting head
--Laser cutting head can bear 2.5 Mpa gas pressure, suitable for cutting all kinds of plates. Simple structure, convenient adjustment and anti-collision device, in order to prevent the cutting head of accidental collision damage.;
--Laser cutting head is equipped with capacitive automatically heighten system, to adapt to uneven sheet, automatically keep the distance between cutting nozzle the sheet surface constant, responsive and accurate, and ensure the cutting quality;
--Sensitive anti-collision function to avoid damage of laser cutting head;
--Integration design with focus control shaft, easy operation, on the basis of the function of automatically adjustable height, it is equipped with automatic focus function;
 CAD/CAM automatic programming software
-- Equipped with British imported RADAN CAD/CAM automatic programming software (special for laser cutting).
-- Management system of residual material and cutting cost(for free), after cutting the remaining plates can be automatically established into residual material library and managed by code. The residual material will be used first.
--Preset a lot of graphics technology for the sheet metal and electrical industry, such as cutting corner, keyhole, slotted hole.
-- Excellent edge-sharing cutting function, when you chose this function, the software can automatic edge-sharing layout material.
-- File format support including PRO/E,UG,SOLIDWORKS,CATIA, no need to transform, and can change 3D figure into plane figure(optional).
 US production of high quality optical system
-- Imported large diameter (3 inch) circular polarizing filter and total reflector, which have large light pass range and good cooling effect.
--Imported large -diameter high-voltage focusing mirror which is suitable for high pressure cutting of stainless steel.
--All lenses with the cleaning gas protect device.
-- Machine optical system uses close optical path which ensures the lens clean and lifetime.
 Double Work-table
--Machine tool is equipped with hydraulic-lift switching double work-table, one work-table at the cutting position when the other outside the machine tool for handling sheet metal, it can improve working efficiency.
-- Equipped with clamps and coarse positioning device which can pre- position the plates, and prevent sheet moving at the same time, ensure the machining precision, reduce wastes.
-- Machine tool with automatic edge-seeking function, To automatically find and fix location and angle error between the plate and machine tools, no need for manual adjustment.
-- Use optimal design of supporting strips. By increasing or decreasing density of the strips to accommodate different types of plates.
-- Work-table is lifted by hydraulic - driven, dynamic performance, security and stability.
-- Work-table exchange is easy, fast and stable.
 Cooling system
-- Main components of cooling machine are imported.
-- Internal and external circulation are independent and use double pumps, the external circulation and cooling circulation are controlled by independent pumps to reduce the negative pressure effect on the pipeline made by heat sink.
-- Dual temperature control, in the case of guarantee good cooling of laser, it can independently output high temperature water, prevent external optical lens condensation for low temperature to affect laser processing.
--Equipped with electric heating function for the northern winter temperature is too low. When the machine starts, if the water temperature is too low, it automatically start the heating function, avoid the low water temperature affecting on the resonant cavity mechanical structure, ensure the stability of laser.
 Good accessibility and operation, easy maintenance
-- Machine body is equipped with dust collector, the gas and dust can be efficiently discharged which make the working environment better.
--Guide rails and gear, rack use full enclosed protective covers which reduce dust pollution and extending the life of transmission parts.
-- With security system and work area lighting, the working area is bright and simple.
2,Main Specifications
 Item Specification Unit Note
Working area1500×3000mm 
Z Axis Stroke120mm 
X Axis Stroke14mm 
X,Y Positioning Accuracy±0.05mm/m 
X,Y Repeatability0.025mm 
X,Y Max. Cutting Rate140m/min 
Max Thickness  Of  Cutting18mmCarbon Steel
Max Thickness  Of  Cutting10mmStainless Steel
Loading Capacity900kg 
3,Auxiliary equipment and parts
1 Nozzle
15 pieces in total
2Ceramic body1 piece
 Focus mirror1 piece
3Wrench 1 set
4Slotted/Phillips screwdriver1 piece for each
5Open-end wrench1 set
6Thread tape1 coil
7704Silicon rubber1 barrel
8Proximity switch, relay2 pieces for each
9Lens paper30 sets 
4,CL513AI Main Configuer List


Alternating digital servo motor6FANUC
Digital servo drive unit6FANUC
Precision gear and rack
4 set
Precision ball-screw for Z/F axis2HIWIN
Precision straight line lead rail for X axis2THK/Rexroth
Precision straight line lead rail for Y axis2THK/Rexroth
Precision straight line lead rail for Z axis2THK/HIWIN
Precision straight line lead rail for optical path2THK/Rexroth
Precision straight line lead rail for F axis1THK/Rexroth
Height sension1Made in Germany
Pneumatic system components1 setFESTO/SMC
Outside optical path mirror1 setMade in U.S.A
Focusing mirror1 pieceMade in U.S.A

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